Preserving Documents

A document scanner is the best solution for scanning a multiple page document to a single PDF file. The often will scan a group of double sided pages to a single files at about 30-40 pages per minute. If you are scanning your document files from a flatbed scanner this will result in multiple "photo" images (page1, page2, page3, etc). There are two main options or paths that you can take to combine all these images into a single PDF file.

To best keep the single pages together and and in sequence, this can be done with purchased PDF creation software. However, there are also some very basic free online "image to PDF" convertors that are simple to use.

The images are dragged onto a "receiving box" on the webpage, and then the upload process begins. Once the process is completed, you download your file from the site.

OPTION 2: (I like the best)
Let's say that you have just scanned 4 pages of an old letter such as seen to the right. You want to place these into a single PDF file which you can then upload to Family Tree.


Don't Get Rid of Your Scanned Documents!

Now that my documents are scanned, I can toss them, right? NO! Remember that digital files are only good as long as they are backed up and securely stored. Physical documents are also fun for others to look at. Can you imagine holding and reading a letter dated from 1839. I have several letters from the 1800s, and the are very special to have.

How do you store them? We'll talk more about that later.

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