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Working With Images
Photos, Negatives, & Slides

Editing Your Images to Improve Image Quality

     Many people think of "photo editing" as being difficult, but with today's technology, this process is greatly simplified. There are many tools out there that can help us to easily improve the quality of our scanned photos and they don't take that much of our time.

     To give you an idea about problems with color tone, lighting, or restorative needs, click on the items below.

Images With Poor Color Tone

Before Original Image
After Fixed Image

     The pigments in the original paper, or it could be with a negative or a slide, have degraded over time. There is a reddish color cast to the photo, but I have seen bluish or greenish color casts as well. They make the digital images look awful, but removing color cast is quite easy to do. Typically just one photo editing tool will correct most all of the color cast.

Images That Are Too Light

Before Original Image
After Fixed Image

     This photo was taken back in 1971 with a Bolsey camera that did not have a light meter. It was all guesswork for camera settings. The photograph is obviously overexposed.

     There are a lot of memories associated with this photograph, a street we lived on as missionaries. I used Pixlr, a free online photo editor to correct the lighting in this photograph. I twould have gotten much better quality using my Affinity Photo program or with PhotoShop.

Interested in One-on-One Instructions Via Zoom or In Library?

Images That Are Too Dark

Before Original Image
After Fixed Image

     This photo was taken against a brighter background, thus limiting the light on the subject.

     Fortunately, it is pretty easy to correct lighting in post-processing with a photo editor.

Images With Blemishes, Tears, Etc

Original Image
Fixed Image

     "Restoring" photographs involves a different set of tools that allow for "healing" and "cloning" damaged areas. These do take a little skill to learn, but there are some tips & tricks that greatly help this process.
The wedding photo below had damage from sitting in a drawer picking up stains. The damage could easily have been scratches, tears, or other physical damage.

Preserving Our Heritage

Our own personal heritage and that of our ancestors will be lost to subsequent generations unless we take steps to actively preserve it.

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