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    Load Your Photo

    Let's go through some steps in adding text to this photo. Load your photograph into Pixlr X.
    The very first menu icon is "Properties". Click on this to open the dialog box.

    Resize the Canvas

    1. There are several options that you can do while in this "Properties" dialog box. We are going to focus on the "Canvas Size".
    2. Click on that button to open up the available options.
    3. Notice that the default settings show the size of the image, a button for "Relative Change" that is OFF, and another icon group with a blue square in the center.
    4. We want the Relative Change to stay OFF. We only want to change the canvas size at the bottom, NOT the whole canvas.

    Add Additional Space

    1. Click on the top and middle icon area as noted on the left. This will add space at the bottom. (Trust me…you will see after applying)
    2. Notice that I changed the size of the Height from 872 (previous page) to an arbitrary number 1200. This will increase the canvas size by a little over 300 pixels. This should be enough room to add 5 names of text.
    3. Click "Apply"


    1. Notice that we now have a large empty space underneath the photograph. This empty space is the canvas.
    2. This is the area that we are going to add text to.

    Use the Text Tool

    1. Click on the "Text" tool in the left menu bar. It is the large "T".
    2. You will see a new dialog box open up.

    Add Your Text

    1. Clicking on the top left "Add New Text" icon will open up the different options below it.
    2. Type your names in the canvas area, similar to what I have done. You can resize the text box as needed.
    3. Choose your "alignment" to your liking. I center aligned my text.
    4. Clicking on the "Font" box will open up a lot of different fun fonts, but for this project, stick with something "normal".
    5. Using the "Size" slider, you can adjust the font size to something that looks good.
    6. Notice that I still have empty space under the textbox. This will be empty space that you may want to remove.
    7. Using the crop tool (see the previous Pixlr X tutorial) crop your photo to remove that empty space.

    Set Background Color

    1. I selected a background color of "White" with Black Letters.
    2. If you do not select a background, and save the photo in .png file type, the background will not show, and you will see black letters. There is not enough contrast


    When you have completed your editing, click on the "Save" button at the lower right. Select "JPG" as the saved file type. Select the High Quality option, although even then, notice that it is still going to compress to about 90%. I would move that to 100%, so there is not much compression of the photo. The file will save to your browser Downloads folder.

    Final Outcome

    Your final saved photo should look something like this. Play with the different properties to get an effect you want.
    If you ever decided to remove the text, such as if you wanted to print this in a book, all you have to do is crop your photo to remove the text.

    Hope that this tutorial was helpful.