Family Tree "Memories"

A Wonderful Way to Share Your Photos, Stories, Documents, & Audio

There are 5 goals to this module. This lesson plan has a lot of material attached to it and is presented as a guide to use as future questions may arise. The goal is to help you understand the basics of uploading "memories" that you have sitting around your home, or in your thoughts. There are a lot more functions built into Family Tree and this lesson plan can point you to those.

Goal #1 - Understanding the Family Tree Memories Tab
This goal focuses on:
  • Overview of the 4 main options on the Memories Tab
Goal #2 - Understanding the Gallery Page
The Gallery is a central place to view all the photos, documents, stories, and audio recordings of your ancestors & cousins that you have put onto Family Tree. Imagine putting a great story and photograph of your grandparent, and then sharing the LINK to this by email with your family and grandkids! Share the heritage with them. No more "genealogy books" as we have done for ages, that sit on our shelves, not seen, not read, nor shared. I bet that many of your "cousins" that you may not know as yet, also have old family photos and other media that you have not seen. How exciting it is when we see these stories and photos of ancestors that we have never before seen.
This goal will focus on:
  • Becoming familiar with the general layout of the Gallery Page
  • Learning how to create albums and then share them with others
  • Learning how to create "My Likes" page out of your whole Gallery
  • Learning how to "filter" your Gallery to displaying just the media you want to display
  • Learn what types of files are accepted by FamilySearch

Goal #3 - Understanding the Person Photo Page Details
This goal will focus on how to:
  • Add titles and descriptions for photos or documents
  • Assign the photo or document to an album
  • Review the details of the photo or document
  • Tag the media item to one or more individuals
  • Delete the media item
Goal #4 - Understand the "People" Page on the Memories Tab
This goal will focus on:
  • Navigating the "People" Tab
The "People" tab is the collection of photos, documents, stories, and audio attached to all your relatives that you AND OTHERS have attached to them.

Goal #5 - Searching For Memories Using the "FIND" Menu Tab Option
This goal will focus on how to:
  • Use the search feature to find memories in Family Tree

Unless we actively take steps to save our heritage, both that of our ancestors and our own, it will be quickly lost to subsequent generations!

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